Improved S23 Carbide Dies for Tubes


Improved S23 carbide die nibs for drawing metal tubes are widely used in metalworking process.
They can reduce cross section of metal tube by stretching tubes through die holes. Drawn metal tubes are made from ferrous metals or non-ferrous metals, including mild steel, high carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and so on. Generally, tungsten carbide tube drawing dies are working at room temperature, but sometimes they have to work at elevated temperature if tubes are in large diameter.


Improved S23 carbide die nibs for drawing metal tubes are manufactured with rare microcrystal carbides and special metal powder binders. In manufacturing process, low-pressure sintering technology is applied to maintain advantageous features of tungsten. At the same time, other beneficial features are increased by 1/4. Tungsten carbide tube drawing dies utilize high-purity cobalt powder as binder, so they are endowed with excellent toughness.


Carbide die nibs for drawing metal tubes are used to stretch metal tubes which are widely used in electric devices, television sets, radars, automobiles, and so on. Although they are just specially used in metal industry, steel industry, etc., we can see metal tube products which are processed by drawing dies everywhere in daily life.


1. Tungsten carbide tube drawing dies are featured by wear resistance. So, they can keep working continuously for a long time.
2. Carbide die nibs for drawing metal tubes are finely polished during manufacturing process. Apart from this, small adhesion arises between tube surface and die surface. Both features above guarantee that tube surface is glossy and in high quality.
3. They are energy saving and in high efficiency because only small friction exists during tube drawing. 
4. With high thermal conductivity, drawing dies can release heat quickly when performing heat drawing.
5. Featured by superior corrosion resistance, tungsten carbide tube drawing dies present good performance during wet drawing.

Apart from carbide die nibs for drawing metal tubes, Zhuzhou Lizhou also manufactures various tungsten carbide dies for metal wires, rods, rollers, and so on. We possess a specialist team and a series of advanced production facilities. Annually, we can produce 3 million cemented carbide dies and 500 T cemented carbide materials. Our products are checked by strict inspections and have passed ISO9001:2000. They are widely sold at home and abroad.

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