Powder Coating Die


Size range Customized

Our tungsten carbide powder coating dies can be produced according to the drawings of customers.


We package our tungsten carbide drawing dies in fiber board case for sea transportation and carton box for air transportation.


Please let us know the quality of the drawn wires and the specified grade if you have.


The production time of the tungsten carbide powder coating dies is about 15 days with moulds, and without moulds it may need 25 days.


New Type Old Type Dimension (mm) Reference Dimension (mm)
D d H R D1
Pr-12x2.5x20-R3.5 PL-2.5-12X20R3.5 12 2.5 20 3.5 -
Pr-12x3.2x20-R3.0 PL-3.2-12X20R3.0 12 3.2 20 3.0 -
Pr-12x4.0x20-R2.8 PL-4.0-12X20R2.8 12 4.0 20 2.8 -
Pr-12x5.0x20-R2.8 PL-5.0-12×20R2.8 12 5.0 20 2.8 -
Pr-15x2.5x20-R4.5 PL-2.5-15X20R4.5 15 2.5 20 4.5 -
Pr-15x3.2x20-R4.2 PL-3.2-15X20R4.2 15 3.2 20 4.2 -
Pr-15x3.8x20-R4.0 PL-3.8-15X20R4.0 15 3.8 20 4.0 -
Pr-15x4x20-R5.0 PL-4.0-15-20R5.0 15 4.0 20 5.0 13
Pr-15x5.0x20-R3.5 PL-5.0-15X20R3.5 15 5.0 20 3.5 -
Pr-15x6x20-R5.0 PL-6.0-15-20R5.0 15 6.0 20 5.0 13
Pr-21x9.0x12-R3.0 Φ21×Φ9×12.0 21 9.0 12 3.0 -
Pr-24x9.0x16-R3.0 Φ24×Φ9×16-R3.0 24 9.0 16 3.0 -


Our tungsten carbide powder coating dies can be paid by telegraphic transfer and letter of credit.

Lizhou Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd is a professional drawing dies manufacturer and supplier in China. Lizhou Company carries out IEP management system to ensure that our products like tungsten carbide powder coating dies are inspected strictly. We have passed ISO90012000 International Quality System Certification. Our drawing dies have been exported to America, Japan, South Korea, India, Southeast Asia as well as other countries and regions.

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