Carbide Rolls

Carbide Roll Rings
Carbide roll rings refer to installing a series of rotary roll surface through bearings on the arc core shaft, so as to achieve flattening effect. These carbide rollers are stationary and the rubber sleeve can revolve. The carbide roll rings are used for processing equipment...
Grooved Roller
Tungsten carbide rollers possess resistance to thermal crack and corrosion due to adding nickel and chromium in the binder. It can reduce the depth and width of micro cracks in grooved rollers, extend the service life and obtain high tonnage and good surface quality...
Roll Rings for High Speed Rolling of Ribbed Steel Bars
Cemented carbide rolls belong to thread rolls. The high-speed wire generally refers to high speed non-twist mill rolling wire rod and ordinary low-carbon steel twist-free green rod. Till now, Lizhou Company can mass produce the roll rings with 320 mm diameter...

Carbide rolls as hard materials consist of hard phase (tungsten carbide), metal binding phase (generally refers to metal cobalt and nickel) as well as trace amount of rare metal elements. Their properties are determined by the content of binding metal and the sizes of tungsten carbide particles. Cemented carbide rolls also called tungsten carbide roll rings, are the important parts in steel bar and wire rod rolling. They are closely related to the apparent mass, dimensional accuracy and cost. We provide roll rings, grooved rollers, pinch roll, thread roll, seamless tube roll and composite roll.

Features of Carbide Rolls

1. Tungsten carbide roll rings with excellent turning ability do not need special lathe. The existing ordinary lathe can be used for rolling and lathe work.
2. They can improve the quantity of single groove rolling.
3. Our cemented carbide rolls can enhance the operating rate of rolling mills.
4. Carbide roll rings can notably improve the dimensional precision of the products and reduce defective index.


If you want the carbide rolls to give full play to their high wear resistance, long service life and high efficiency in high speed wire rolling process, you should pay attention to the following items when purchasing and using carbide roll rings.
1. Grade Selection
Fully understanding the properties of all kinds of cemented carbide grades is the basis for correctly selecting the grades for carbide rolls and the requirements for achieving optimum matching of grades of each rolling mill.
2. Cooling and Cooling Water Quality
Cooling is to reduce the influence on carbide roll rings of hot corrosion, thermal fatigue and heat stress during rolling. It can prevent carbide rolls from cracking, delay the spread of cracks and prolong the lifespan of the roll groove. It also plays an important role in optimizing the effects of the carbide roll rings. The reference data for cooling show as below the temperature of the cooling water should be lower than 25℃, the pressure of the cooling water is 5 to 6 bar with a water volume of 24 to 30 m3/h/stand. The water should be jetted in a radial direction. The angle between the water jet and revolving direction of the carbide rolls should be from 15 degrees to 30 degrees. The width of the water column is double of the roll groove. The water should be directly jetted into the grooves without scattering.
3. Reasonable Amount of Rolling
In rolling process, micro cracks in grooves are inevitable and they need to be sharpened when they reach a certain depth (generally controlled in 0.2 mm). Excessive rolling will expand the depth of the cracks and increase the risk of broken rolls. This should be prevented. The normal amount of rolling should be selected as follows.
Stands of pre-finishing rolling mill 3500-4000 tons; 1-2 Stands of finishing rolling mill 1800-2500 tons; 3-4 Stands of finishing rolling mill 1800-2500 tons; 5-6 Stands of finishing rolling mill 1500-2000 tons; 7-8 Stands of finishing rolling mill 1500-2000 tons, 9-10 Stands of finishing rolling mill 600-1200 tons, Stands for reducing diameters 600-1200 tons

Founded in 1993, Zhuzhou Lizhou Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd is a professional carbide roll rings manufacturer and supplier in China. It adheres to technological innovation and possesses 42 self-developed patents. Our cemented carbide rolls have been exported to America, Japan, South Korea, India, Taiwan, Southeast Asia as well as other countries and regions. Adhering to the enterprise culture of integrity, innovation and mutual development, Lizhou Company will offer satisfactory solutions to customers.