Roll Rings for High Speed Rolling of Ribbed Steel Bars


Cemented carbide rolls belong to thread rolls. The high-speed wire generally refers to high speed non-twist mill rolling wire rod and ordinary low-carbon steel twist-free green rod. Till now, Lizhou Company can mass produce the roll rings with 320 mm diameter and 120 mm thickness. Our annually output capacity has already reached 200 tons. Our cemented carbide rolls can be customized according to your demands.

Application of Thread Rolls

Cemented carbide rolls can be broadly used in metal forming, especially in hot rolling industry. The purpose is to ensure the high-quality surface smoothness and dimensional stability of processed metal products. Thread rolls are also applicable for wire flattening, de-scaling and straightening applications.

Features of Cemented Carbide Rolls

1. These thread rolls have moderate abrasion resistance and anti-impact property as well as good general performance.
2. It has good rigidity under normal temperature, without obvious plastic deformation.
3. Cemented carbide rolls can greatly reduce the times of roll changes and lighten labor intensity.
4. The thread rolls can improve the surface quality and yield of rolled materials, thus obtain remarkable economic benefits.


Please tell us your purposes, grades or performance requirements when you select our cemented carbide rolls.

Delivery Date

The delivery time of the thread rolls with mould is 15 days, without mould is 25 days.

Packaging and Payment

1. Cemented carbide rolls can adopt standard packing or neutral packing.
2. You can pay for our thread rolls by T/T or L/C.

Our cemented carbide rolls have been exported to America, Japan, South Korea, India, Taiwan, Southeast Asia as well as other countries and regions. As a thread rolls manufacturer and supplier in China, we have already obtained ISO90012000 International Quality System Certification. Last year, the annual income is 35 million, which includes 20 million export revenue and 15 million home sales. If you need our cemented carbide rolls, please feel free to contact us.

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