About Us

Company Introduction

Established in 1993, Zhuzhou Lizhou Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd is a processing and manufacturing enterprise to provide high-quality tungsten carbide drawing dies for steel products industry. Our company covers an area of 50 mu (8.24 acres), with fixed assets of 38.78 million. We annually manufacture 500 tons of cemented carbide semi-finished products and 3 million matching cemented carbide dies.

Products Details

 1. Main Products
We mainly provide tungsten carbide drawing die, wire guide die, powder coating die, peeling die, custom drawing die, carbide roll, carbide roll ring, etc.
 2. Applications
1) Tungsten carbide drawing dies can be used for manufacturing tungsten filament, molybdenum wire, stainless steel wire and electric wire.
2) Tungsten carbide peeling dies are suitable for drawing all kinds of metal wires, steel tubes, copper tubes and ferrous metal. Additionally, they can be used for drawing large size wires in poor drawing conditions.
3) Tungsten carbide roll rings are the important parts in steel bar and wire rod rolling.
3. Features
Our tungsten carbide drawing dies and tungsten carbide peeling dies are featured with high material quality, fine processing, high precision, excellent surface smoothness, wide application, good wear resistance and long service life.
 4. International Market
Our tungsten carbide drawing dies and peeling dies have been exported to America, Japan, South Korea, India, Taiwan, Southeast Asia as well as other countries and regions.


Lizhou cemented carbide products are high appraised for wide variety, superior quality, short delivery time and excellent after-sales service.

 1. R&D Strength
Our company owns advanced inspection equipment. We strictly test the production process and make our tungsten carbide drawing dies and peeling dies reach the highest level. All of our carbide products are manufactured under strict supervision.
 2. Certificates and Honors
Lizhou Company has continuously introduced equipment for years. It adheres to technological innovation and possesses 42 self-developed patents. Our company was awarded as Hi-tech Enterprise by Hunan Science and Technology Bureau in 2009. We implement IEP management system to ensure that each tungsten carbide drawing die passes strict inspection. We received ISO90012000 International Quality System Certification in September, 2003.
3. Technical Advantage

We have over 20 years’ manufacturing experience of tungsten carbide peeling dies. Till now, we have 70 employees, among them there are 21 undergraduates and 2 postgraduates. We have the ability to produce all kinds of complicated custom tungsten carbide drawing dies. Last year, the annual income is 35 million, which includes 20 million export revenue and 15 million home sales.
4. Equipment Advantage
We have advanced computer programmed reduction furnace, high temperature automatic carbide furnace, automatic molding press, pressure sintering oven and automatic precision machine tool for manufacturing tungsten carbide drawing dies and tungsten carbide peeling dies.
5. Service
Our company promises fast delivery. Samples and quotes are available if necessary. We also provide other special services such as installation and training according to customers’ specific requirements.
6. Environmental Protection
Our tungsten carbide drawing dies and tungsten carbide peeling dies are manufactured in strict accordance with the international quality standard ISO90012000. The production process is environmental friendly.
7. OEM
We are very delighted to provide OEM service for customers.

Adhering to the enterprise culture of integrity, innovation and mutual development, Lizhou Company will offer satisfactory solution about tungsten carbide drawing dies and tungsten carbide peeling dies to customers .